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JENETEC SARL is a realization of the will of a group of friends sharing in common an average professional experience of more than 35 years as employees in public or private organizations or working in liberal sector.

The trigger is the continued deterioration of the business climate that has affected the Democratic Republic of Congo for more than three decades and that has caused the closure of several private companies and the stalling of most of the companies under state portfolio. This deterioration in the business climate has sounded the death knell for entrepreneurship and is at the root of the unprecedented unemployment that the country is currently experiencing. It is therefore from this verdict that the idea of ​​pooling skills in order to use them to create wealth and stimulate other entrepreneurs took place and allowed the foundation of our company. Other members, interested by the idea, joined the founding members to achieve the goal they set together.

The objective pursued is twofold:

  1. Offer a quality service to our partners made up of government actors, entrepreneurs from private as well as public sectors, through personalized advices adapted to the kind of difficulties they may face in the management of their respective activities ;
  2. Represent, support if necessary, our partners, in carrying out their activities in order to help them manage these difficulties legally.

As a backdrop, the aim is to enable partners to master good governance and excellence in the management of business in a country where success seems to be an unrealizable dream, because of the parameters that come into play and which are not often found elsewhere. The aim is also to ensure and maintain permanent contact with the said partners, in a win-win partnership.

The quality of the service provided is achieved thanks to the combination of experience, expertise and competence available with our teams.

So, you are a businessman/woman, you want to succeed in your business, you want to invest, you want to make your business profitable, we are at your disposal to support you.

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Our services

We are first of all a services company. We provide our services for the benefit of individuals, companies or any other public sector body, in the areas listed below but which are better detailed on the page dedicated to the products we offer.

Our concern is to provide technical assistance. In this perspective, our teams provide you with their technical skills in the following areas:

  1. Feasibility studies and project evaluation;
  2. Financing solutions adapted to the projects of our partners;
  3. IT and new technologies,
  4. Human resources management and training solutions,
  5. Marketing solutions,
  6. Logistics solutions,
  7. Tax assistance,
  8. Audit of accounts for the certification of financial statements,
  9. Legal advice,
  10. Management consulting.

Our teams will help you choose the sectors to invest in the DRC and assist you in your installation in the country.

In addition, thanks to their experience and expertise, you will benefit from assistance and support in various surveys and studies on most varied economic questions.

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Our Teams

Our teams are made of experienced collaborators who have proven their worth in various private, parastatal or public organizations. You won't have to worry about the quality of our services. We are the best you can find.

Gabriel Lwabeya Nyangwile


Specialties: Finance, Accounting, Business Management, IT Management, Congolese Commercial Law;



  • He is currently JENETEC sarl Managing Director ;
  • He is also a Consular Judge at the Kinshasa Commercial Court in Matete and Business Consultant;
  • Was Financial Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the Interior, Security and Customary Affairs;
  • Has managed for several years, manufacturing companies;
  • Managed for several years an Agro Industrial Group which had extensions all over the DRC;
  • Participated in the establishment of Management Control structures in the National Electricity Company of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Joseph Masesa Nzembela

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Specialty: Marketing

  • He is currently JENETEC sarl Marketing Manager ;
  • He has greatly contributed to the launch of the YES brand cigarette in the DRC and in other West African countries including Nigeria;
  • He worked in the launch of AMBASSADE cigarettes for the British American Tobacco Zaire Company, which he also represented in a number of regions in the DRC.

Casimir Muamba Nduba

Casimir Muamba Nduba, CFO


Specialties: Finance, Accounting;


  • He is currently JENETEC Sarl Public Relation Manager and management consultant;
  • Has a very good experience in the field of project management;
  • Has been at the origin of the creation of several companies, small and medium
  • Worked for several years in mining prospecting, specially diamond jewelry and gold.

Gaston Wembi EHOKE

Gaston Ehoke WEMBI


Specialties: Engineer in Building and Public Works, Entrepreneurship;



  • Is currently JENETEC Sarl Operation Manager and Managing Director at CONGO AGGLO CONSTRUCT Sarl or CAC Sarl in acronyms;
  • Has accumulated a lot of experience as a site manager, project manager at the ROAD OFFICE, SEAZA, AMSAR, MAURICE DELENS, AGGLOBU Sprl;
  • Has been the designer of several construction projects in partnership with the AfDB.


Jean Marie Gakwaya


Specialties: Finance ;

His BIO is being developped...

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