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JENETEC SARL, a member of the the Democratic Republic of the Congo Chamber of Commerce, is a business portal in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It offers you useful information on the business environment in the DRC.

You are a businessman.woman,

Are you interested in business in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

Do you want to invest?

Do you want to make your business profitable in the DRC?

We are at your disposal to accompany you in the Congolese business area. All you need is to express your interest by  contacting us at info@jenetec-sarl.com and an appropriate member of our team will contact you and provide appropriate advises, personalized to your situation.


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Welcome to our website

We are a service company. We provide our services to the benefit of individuals, companies or organizations, in the areas listed below but which are better detailed in the page dedicated to Our Organization.

We work in close collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of the Democratic Republic of Congo, "CC-RDC" in acronyms, of which we are the flagship company and oversee the major commissions covering all sectors of economic life.

Our concern is to provide technical assistance. In this perspective, our teams provide you with their technical skills in the following areas:

  1. Studies and evaluation of investment projects;
  2. IT and new technologies,
  3. Training,
  4. Marketing,
  5. Reception and travel facilities: obtaining visas (flying or normal) as well as obtaining residence cards in the DRC,
  6. Rental of vehicles for city trips, etc.
  7. Logistics,
  8. Tax assistance,
  9. Audit of accounts for certification of financial statements,
  10. Legal advice, etc.

As you can see, our organization is able to help you in the choice of sectors to invest in the DRC and to support you in your installation in the country.

In addition, with our experience, we are able to put together a team of experts to conduct various surveys on a wide variety of economic issues.

So be welcome on our site and don't forget to leave us your comments.

Our Teams

Our teams are made up of experienced staff who have proven themselves in various private, para-state or public organizations. You won't have to worry about the quality of our services. We are the best you can find.

Click on the page numbers below for the introduction of some members of our teams.

Joseph Masesa Nzembela


Experience: Marketing

He worked a lot in launching cigarettes for the British American Tobacco Zaire Company.

He also launched the YES cigarette in the DRC and in other countries in West Africa, notably Nigeria.

Gabriel Lwabeya Nyangwile

Managing partner;

Experience: Finance, Accounting, Business Management, IT Management, Congolese Commercial Law;

Currently a Business Consultant and Consular Judge at the Commercial Court of Kinshasa in Matete;

Managed for several years, manufacturing companies;

Participated in the establishment of Management Control structures in the National Electricity Company of the Democratic Republic of Congo;

For several years managed an Agro Industrial Group which had extensions all over the DRC.

Business consultant

Experience: Finance, Accounting, Project Management;

He is currently a consultant specialized in jewelry diamonds and gold;

Has initiated the creation of several small and medium businesses;

Has worked for several years in mining field, especially diamond and gold.

Last edited: 09/07/2020

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