Signing of a Master Agreement between DRC-CC and IEAM

On 05/12/2019

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A Framework Agreement was signed on 5 December 2019 between the DRC Chamber of Commerce and the Institute of Administration and Management Studies aiming at collaborating in the following disciplinary fields:

  1. Training;
  2. Industry and business relationship;
  3. Research;
  4. Discemination of scientific and technical culture.
Kinshasa - Paris Botour Building, 2nd Floor, Room 6, Crossover Avenue Ebeya and Avenue de la Presse, Gombe, Kinshasa Congo, the Democratic Republic of

Framework Agreement

1. Training

The actions in this field are essentially aimed at:

  • Recruit and train young Congolese talents through the initial BBA / BPA and MBA / MPA training programs in France and / or China;
  • Recruit and train Congolese business leaders and civil servants through the EMBA / EDBA programs in DR Congo, France and China;
  • Development of the distance e-MBA program in DR Congo to promote the general level in business management in DR Congo;
  • Organize Congolese business leaders to participate in "SRBS International Investment Accelerator" programs for innovative projects between DR Congo, France and China.

2. Relationship with Industry and Business

  • Implementation of training in connection with industrial, commercial and other companies;
  • Applied research by promoting the university / business partnership;
  • Development of research and technological innovation;
  • Encourage partnership and twinning of companies, universities of DR Congo, France and China.

3. Research

  • Establishment of research teams in partnership;
  • Exchanges of teacher-researchers;
  • Support for doctoral research;
  • Publication and joint communications.

4. Dissemination of Scientific and Technical Culture

  • Organization of thematic conferences;
  • Organization of traveling exhibitions, in connection with the Museums of Arts and Crafts.

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