Partnership JENETEC Worldaction Trading Inc

  • On 10/09/2021 at 19:37
  • In News

A new partnership has just emerged between JENETEC SARL and WORLDACTION TRADING INC., aiming on one hand to the search of projects in the field of construction and on the other hand to providing the coverage of the financing needs of these projects.

Who is Worldaction Trading inc. ?

Worldaction Trading Inc. is a Canadian company, a leader in the promotion of investments to Africa. It offers Financial Consulting and Setting up financing structures for large multinational projects and sets up consortia made up of several companies for the realization of sustainable projects.

Its consultants are specialized in setting up financing structures for international projects and facilitate obtaining working capital, expansions and financing major projects in structures: EPC, BOT, JV, PPP, CDG, EPCEM, LEASING, CAPITAL PARTICIPATION ...

Its comprehensive services for all business sectors can be found on the website

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