The company today

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The company, whose start-up had been interrupted because of the formalities of its incorporation, came back to life.  It has a bank account and new offices located in the Business Center, in the Botour Building.

 Draft contracts for feasibility studies are being negotiated.  Our teams are ready to go to the field.  Our experience and the competence of our staff will allow us to win this first step.  Our first partnership project with an international group is in the making and the forecasts are good.

 Good luck to all our teams!

  • CC-RDC activities

    A view of the discussions with the intermediation of CC-RDCCC-RDC activities

    The past weeks have seen intense activity by the DRC Chamber of Commerce. These activities include:

    The reception of a delegation from CSCEC Ltd, from China via Angola.

    The offices of the Chamber of Commerce served as a shelter for discussions on the financing and implementation of major infrastructure projects between a delegation from the Governorate of South Ubangi Province and the Chinese company CSCEC Ltd;

    Mediation is under way between a delegation led by the Mayor of the City of Moroni in Comoros and the Urban Province of Kinshasa.!

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Corona virus

The Covid-19 virus kills. But we can avoid it if we follow all the WHO recommendations.

Wash hands regularly using a disinfectant or antibacterial soap;

Do not touch your eyes, mouth or nostrils;

Respect the distance from others (1 meter or more);

Respect the confinement recommendation - Exit only when necessary;

Sneeze or cough in the crook of the elbow;

Use a disposable towel to blow your nose.