Organization of the Chamber of Commerce

1. General Assembly

It is the supreme organ of the C.C.RDC, it is composed of all the effective members in good standing vis-à-vis the C.C.RDC, it meets in ordinary and extraordinary sessions.

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2. Board of Directors

It is the control and monitoring body for the execution of decisions taken by the General Assembly.

It is made up of 21 members or Directors, elected or designated by the General Assembly for a renewable term of Five (5) years. They represent the various sectors of the country's economic and social activities. The Bureau of the Board of Directors is made up of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and members of the Management Committee .

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is primarily responsible for the C.C.RDC. As such, he is the legal representative vis-à-vis third parties. He convenes and chairs the meetings of the Board of Directors and guides the policy of the Chamber.

3. Management Comittee

The members of the Management Committee are, in order of precedence:

  1. The Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer (CEO);
  2. The Deputy Managing Director or Deputy Executive Officer (DEO);
  3. The Secretary General;
  4. The Deputy Secretary General;
  5. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO);
  6. The Deputy Chief Financial Officer DCFO);
  7. The Commercial Director.

The Chief Executive Officer chairs the Management Committee. He is the executive coordinator of the decisions taken by the General Assembly. As such, he manages the Chamber's activities on a daily basis

4. Introduction to the Leading Team


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Financial Officer

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