Project Editing

You are a Small or Medium Enterprise, an Economic Interest Group, a Non-Governmental Organization or a Decentralized or Deconcentrated Entity, you are therefore an ideal partner; JENETEC Sarl puts at your disposal teams of well-trained experts to assist you in defining, planning and seeking financing for your projects.

Its teams will also assist you in the negotiation and contractualization of your projects with donors to help you mobilize the means necessary for the implementation of your projects.

This assistance may include the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project.

In addition, on the basis of the specifications of our partners, our teams will analyze the needs of your project, estimate the costs of the work, determine the various solutions to be implemented and, you will be able to realize the viability of your project. Finally, you now own a project that even the bank will have difficulties to reject the financing. 

Solutions can be found around the table

Marketing Solutions

Our organization offers Marketing solutions on all kinds of products in the context of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

These solutions include complete diagnostics on the state of demand, the definition of the marketing strategy to be applied and the proposal of actions to be taken according to the state of demand. 

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Last edited: 01/11/2021

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