Our Skill

Our teams are made of experts who have proven experience in project feasibility studies, project evaluation, market studies, launching marketing actions, etc. With the latest recruitments, our actions will not be limited only to the country, they are already expanding internationally: soon we will be able to offer solutions in the field of financing projects with a profitable business plan.


Dedicated to your solution

Jenetec chez mukamba

We'll never let you down


We are still active !

Proof of our commitment to your problem.


Our Know-how

Our teams also put at your disposal all of their logistics skills:

  1. They searche the supply markets for your materials with a particular emphasis on the price.
  2. They place orders for your account according to your choices and monitor them in interface with the Single Window for Foreign Trade.
  3. On your behalf, they ensure all the approach procedure at the arrival port.
  4. They will take care of clearing goods for your account.
  5. They choose the appropriate carriage to land the goods to the site of consumption.

BE ASSURED! You will no longer have to worry about all the hardships that bug your business.


Your Solution is our focus

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Your problem is on the table and the solution with you shortly!

Our Time


We also take care of people: for you and for your staff :

  1. We offer reception and travel facilities. (Flying visas, business cards, etc )
  2. We make hotel reservations,
  3. Purchases and reservations of air tickets,
  4. The organization of transport from home to the airport and vice versa,
  5. Rental of vehicles for urban travel,
  6. Etc.

Your entertainment


We also have a catering service for YOUR business events.

Last edited: 01/11/2021