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Our object

JEDIDJA NEW TECHNOLOGIES SARL, has for object the exercise of general trade.

Its activities include, but are not limited to:

  1. The production, marketing, training and implementation of software and new information techniques.
  2. Services on behalf of third parties of various type including, project feasibilities studies, market studies, products marketing, logistics, tax assistance, accounts audit and certification of financial statements, travel agency, catering service and the hiring of services, etc.
  3. Building construction, public works and civil engineering, etc.
  4. The agro-pastoral industry, agriculture, fishing, tourism and hospitality, transport, education, health, decoration, disinfestation, forestry and mining, culture and art, freight, etc.
  5. Purchase and sale (wholesale and in retail), import as well as export of products, warehousing, leasing, manufacturing, repair, modification, packaging, development and transport of all goods, commodities and goods ...


A Virunga Park Lion

A view of a lion from Virunga Park (DRC)

Last edited: 01/11/2021